Schemmer’s Dan Kerns, AIA, quoted in Midlands Business Journal

Midlands Business Journal  |  June 8, 2018

“Sustainable building materials, equipment gaining prominence to meet higher demand”

Dan Kerns, AIA

Schemmer’s Dan Kerns, AIA, was featured in the June 8, 2018, edition of the Midlands Business Journal's Going Green section, discussing how an increased preference for healthy buildings and environments is motivating the development of sustainable construction materials and equipment.

Kerns said low volatile organic compound (VOC) content materials are at the front line of this movement to establish greater indoor air quality and resilient materials to make buildings last longer. LED lighting has been around for awhile but now that cost has dropped over the last two to three years, it has become a prominent component in the industry. Also in high demand are high volume, low-speed fans for industrial projects.

"These types of fans provide effective, energy-efficient cooling without the need for conditioning air," Kerns said.

Recycled content and reused materials are largely being emphasized by manufacturers when selling their products. Dan mentions reclaimed wood making a comeback as well. Schemmer's clients are becoming more knowledgeable about sustainability and have ideas and questions when discussing their projects.

"Building equipment like HVAC and their controls continue to become more efficient and easier to use. As far as sustainable construction equipment, I haven't seen very many electric vehicles on job sites yet, but I suspect that day is coming," said Kerns.

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