Schemmer’s Doug Holle, P.E., quoted in Lincoln Business Journal

Lincoln Business Journal | September 1, 2014

Demand for shipments prompts road projects, spotlights worker shortages

Holle, Doug- IMG_2603

Doug Holle, P.E.

SCHEMMER's Transportation Manager Doug Holle, P.E., was recently quoted in The Lincoln Business Journal regarding the global demand for shipments and high volume of roadway construction projects creating a need for experienced talent to move them and build infrastructure."

“The amount of local roadway construction has put some increased pressure on construction costs, which is being monitored closely by all involved as future project estimates are developed,” said Holle.

“The federal funding for transportation projects has recently been temporarily extended but more work will be needed early next year in Washington to allow for agencies to develop a plan for future transportation construction projects,” he said.

Holle, president of the Nebraska Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) 2013-2014, said that although “opportunities for professionals are strong,” it can be challenging to find candidates with “healthy backlogs.”

According the article, the Nebraska Trucking Association started has started the “Trucking Moves America Forward,” campaign to raise awareness of the 30,000 jobs available, and a better quality of life for drivers with the implementation of the “Pony Express Model,” or “shuttle system,” where drivers can coordinate with each other and be back at their home base more frequently.

Read the full LBJ article titled, "Demand for shipments prompts road projects, spotlights worker shortages" on page 21-22 in the Transportation, Distribution & Warehousing section.