Schemmer’s Doug Holle, P.E., Talks Traffic

Midlands Business Journal | July 21, 2017

Transportation trends call for smarter traffic signals, multimode travel

Doug Holle, P.E.

Schemmer's Doug Holle, P.E., was featured in the July 21, 2017 edition of the Midlands Business Journal discussing transportation trends.

Holle says Omaha is moving toward signals matching real-time congestion "versus the traditional traffic signal controls, which adjust based on the time of the day no matter what traffic conditions are present."

Demands to reduce traffic in urban areas means putting roads on a "diet," Holle said, "which may involve reducing the number of lanes on an existing street to allow for greater pedestrian facilities and creating a complete street for all users."

Some of the work to improve traffic flow today will get area roads ready for self-driving and automated vehicles. "The transportation design industry is very excited about the opportunity these vehicles will bring to provide greater capacity to existing streets and may change the way traffic engineers predict future traffic congestion," Holle said. "It is a quickly evolving industry."

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