Schemmer’s Facility Assessment Services


Whether we are performing a condition assessment in Los Angeles, Calif. or a functional assessment in Bristow, Va., Schemmer has our client’s needs covered no matter where they may be. Did you know Schemmer has its very own proprietary software to store our facility assessment data?  Schemmer’s proprietary web-based facility assessment program, FACILITATE, enables our team to input data on-site and in real time, quickly compiling the information for analysis and reporting. Our team has been involved with more than 40 space utilization assessments and concept development projects in 17 states at more than 135 site locations.

FACILITATE is a web-based program with a login access portal. Once logged in, our team has access to all of the data and analysis documentation concerning the assessment. The assessment is broken down by individual building and its systems (exterior, mechanical, electrical, interior), year it was built, gross square footage, current condition, recommendations, life expectancy, cost estimate and priority level.

Our software can quickly determine areas that require immediate attention, systems that are at the end of their life expectancies and the estimated cost of revitalization for each building. FACILITATE compiles all of the data into an easy to read summary report. The summary ranges from a big-picture overview of the complete site assessment, down to a specific system recommendation for one building. When a site owner has an increase in funding, the report easily identifies where money may be best allocated or aid in reducing the current backlog of maintenance.

Shane Larsen, AIA

Shane Larsen, AIA

Contact Shane Larsen, AIA at 888.877.8127 or for more information on Schemmer’s Facility Assessment Services and proprietary software, FACILITATE. It's time to start planning for your facility's future today!