Schemmer’s Kelly Hiskey, Assoc. AIA, receives Fuller Award


Assoc. AIAI

Kelly HIskey, Assoc. AIA

Schemmer’s Kelly Hiskey, Assoc. AIA, receives the Fuller Award in the 2014 AIA Architectural Photography Competition. In this years' competition the camera lens offered disguises in scale, which stretched and shrunk perceptions. It made things that initially appear to be quite small, explode into mega-scale, and shrank massive objects down to minutia. The photos remind viewers of the photograph’s ability to surprise, even when the topic is as immovable and permanent as architecture. The winning photos were exhibited at the AIA Convention 2014 in Chicago, Ill.

Hiskey’s winning submission titled “Materiality” was taken at the McCormick Tribune Campus Center on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus in Chicago, Ill.

Fuller Award: “Materiality” in Chicago, photographed by Kelly Hiskey, Assoc. AIA, from Omaha Nebr.

“Materiality,” photographed by Kelly Hiskey, Assoc. AIA

“The building was designed by Rem Koolhaas, an architect that I’ve admired throughout my academic and professional career. The photo is looking through an orange honeycomb-patterned material sandwiched between two panes of glass, providing an abstract view of a building across campus," said Hiskey.

“Exploring this building was truly an experience. Approaching the building, one can’t help but notice the fact that the ‘L’ (train) is passing overhead in a metal elliptical tube. Once inside, the building hosts a variety of programs woven together by angular walkways and contrasting moments of complexity and simplicity. Koolhaas embraced the opportunity to allow those in-between spaces to develop a life of their own. It becomes the place where friends cross paths, where conversations happen - where the urban environment is allowed to breathe life unto itself. The thing that intrigued me the most when photographing this building, was the contrast of materials. My photograph exposes a great amount of depth, complexity and innovation. Other materials in the building were just the opposite; simple and clean.”

One aspect that intrigues Hiskey about architecture is her firm belief that, “When done right, the built environment can truly have a positive impact on society, from the smallest details to the larger relationship of a building to its surroundings.”

This fascination also translates into her photography. “I like to capture those moments that people experience, but might not be cognizant of. Sometimes this can be something seemingly simple like emphasizing light and shadow or a contrast in textures, to something more complex such as a framed view through a narrow alleyway, or the larger scale of a vast prairie," said Hiskey.

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