Schemmer’s Kyle Schicker Unlocks Custom Revit Valve Family


AUGIWorld I January 2015

"Trial, Error, Success"

SchickerKyleKyle Schicker, electrical CADD technician, contributed a featured article in AUGIWorld, the official magazine of Autodesk User Group International (AUGI). Schicker's article covers his quest to create the perfect custom Revit valve families to model the exact points of connection to valves and piping.

Schicker’s journey began with the use of 3D laser scanners to capture point cloud data. The data was then used to create 3D As-Built models that were required to contain the exact points of connection to valves and piping at the client’s request. The valves had to match the size and shape precisely, down to the valve handle size and position.

“Modeling imperfect, non-level, non-plumb objects in Revit was quite a struggle. Revit likes to be neat, square, and orderly, so matching size, shape, and position of real-world objects, and doing it efficiently, can be tremendously challenging,” said Schicker.

The Revit Family Library and the Internet provided some valves, but not quite the custom valve family Schicker needed. With information he gained through his research as a starting point, trial and error, and persistence he developed an highly efficient and useful valve family.

To read the article, “Trial, Error, Success” in its entirety please see pages 18-22 of the January 2015 AUGIWorld or click here.