Schemmer’s Mark Lutjeharms, P.E., PTOE, featured in The Lincoln Business Journal

The Lincoln Business Journal December 1, 2015

Robust economic outlook, demand for innovation meet infrastructure challenges

Mark Lutjeharms, P.E., PTOE

Mark Lutjeharms, P.E., PTOE

Schemmer’s Mark Lutjeharms, P.E., PTOE, was quoted in The Lincoln Business Journal regarding Schemmer’s involvement in assisting the Lincoln/Lancaster County Railroad Transportation Safety District (RTSD) with evaluating concepts to address transportation needs in North Lincoln – along the BNSF Railway corridor between North 27th and North 48th streets.

“This is an important project to the community, as this area and associated at-grade railroad crossings have experienced numerous train-related crashes over the last 30 years that have resulted in both injuries and fatalities to pedestrians and motorists,” said Lutjeharms.

“Additionally, pedestrian and bicycle accommodations at some of these crossings are non-existent and motorists experience significant delays with each individual crossing being blocked by passing trains for more than three and a half cumulative hours each day,” he said.

The study includes “significant agency coordination and community outreach,” which includes a study website, public meetings and one-on-one interaction with stakeholders.

Schemmer is also assisting the city of Lincoln in addressing recurring crashes near North 14th Street and Cornhusker Highway where traffic merges onto eastbound Cornhusker Highway,” Lutjeharms said.

“Using federal safety funds administered through the Nebraska Department of Roads, the project includes constructing a roundabout at the existing intersection with the eastbound off-ramp from Cornhusker Highway and reconfiguring the eastbound on-ramp. This project also proposes to improve access to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s recently completed soccer/tennis complex,” he said.

Lutjeharms also said the city incorporated “one-time funding” to rehab deteriorating streets although significant needs remain.

“The south and east fringes of Lincoln will undergo significant infrastructure improvements over the next couple of years, which will likely correspond to increased private development in these parts of the community as well,” said Lutjeharms.

“Many regional economic indicators are showing continued growth in multiple segments of the economy,” he said. “Schemmer is fortunate to be involved with some projects that have the potential for future design phases, which should help 2016 be a success for our company.”

To read the full article, view pages 17-18 in The Lincoln Business Journal.