Schemmer’s Matt Sutton, P.E., featured in Midlands Business Journal

Midlands Business Journal December 11, 2015

Qualifications, projects drive brighter economic outlook with engineer shortages

Sutton, Matt2015

Matt Sutton, P.E.

Schemmer’s Matt Sutton, P.E., was quoted in the Midlands Business Journal on letting quality, not cost, drive the selection process for an engineer.

According to Sutton, economic swings help drive the temptation to select the lowest-priced professionals, regardless of expertise level and taking into account how design influences construction, operating and maintenance costs.

Sutton also indicated that there has been more of a swing in a brighter economy toward determining not only if an engineer is qualified, but also if he or she can get the work done when it needs to be done.

“As firms get busier, scheduling becomes much more of a critical issue,” he said, turning to staffing. “Everyone is fighting for the same talent and the same people.”

To read the full article, view pages 29-33 in the Midlands Business Journal.