Schemmer’s Molly Macklin quoted in Architecture section of the Midlands Business Journal

Midlands Business Journal | November 24, 2017

"Architects incorporating more security, safety features into building designs"

Molly Macklin

Schemmer’s Molly Macklin was featured in the November 24, 2017, edition of the Midlands Business Journal’s Architecture section, discussing how security design starts at the entry points of buildings, particularly schools.

"The fact that kids are having lockdown practice just like you'd have a tornado drill [shows] it's just a different time," Macklin said. "When we're designing buildings, we are first and foremost always thinking about the safety of the students and what we can do to make the environment safe, yet doesn't feel like a prison."

Schools go into lock-down mode as soon as the school day starts. High-impact doors, electronic locks and high-strength glass are all elements of an overall trend to design safer, more secure buildings. All doors are locked and there is only one entry point during the day. Typically there will be a video intercom on the outside of the building so visitors can communicate with staff in the main office. Security design is also utilized by sectioning the building. Macklin said visitors might have to enter multiple doors to reach the inside. There are also specialized gates that can be activated to contain a possible intruder's movements while students gather in safe rooms. This gives building occupants the ability to manage intruder situations without exposing themselves or others to potential danger.

"Again, it's that second level of security that now they're in the building, but you're still capable of containing someone in the space," Macklin said.

To read the full Midlands Business Journal article, see page 37.