Schemmer’s Principal and Director of Marketing, Tracy Mumford, is mentioned in the Midlands Business Journal article titled Experience, reputation and chemistry all come into play when choosing an architect


Tracy Mumford, Principal and Director of Marketing at Schemmer was featured in July 12 edition of the Midlands Business Journal How to Choose an Architect section, in an article titled, "Experience, reputation and chemistry all come into play when choosing an architect." The article focuses on first meetings, reputation, integrated project delivery (IDP), pre-hire presentations and big firms vs. small firms as consideration factors when looking for an architect.

"We (Schemmer) have been involved with design-build delivery projects for many years, traditionally more in industrial projects, but increasingly with commercial projects as well," said Mumford. "The client will often have a preference regarding whether the architect or the contractor should be in charge, but either way, their skills mesh from the beginning," he said.

Various leaders from other local architecture firms and construction companies discussed some variables for finding the right architect:

  • developing chemistry/relationships - having open and honest conversations from the first initial meeting
  • setting mutually understood project expectations (i.e. fees/costs, unique elements, services, design, obstacles, deadlines)
  • requesting and checking references
  • consulting websites, social media platforms and blogs for information
  • setting budget and/or schedule driven deadlines
  • evaluating how employees move and interact in the designed space
  • enabling team collaboration between architects, engineers and the client

Schemmer's Mumford speaks to the topic of hiring big firms vs. small firms. "There is a misconception that large firms can't handle small projects," said Mumford. "We value certain small projects because they keep us moving forward and help us cultivate relationships. For example, we have a great IDIQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) contract with Veteran's Affairs' VISN 23 that involves a series of really small projects which are important to the client," he said.

Overall, the article touches on whether basic or complex, architectural design encompasses the human connection. Great architects will listen and translate conceptual ideas into a buildable and sustainable construction project for their client.

To read the entire article, please see the July 12, 2013 issue of the Midlands Business Journal. The article, titled “Experience, reputation and chemistry all come into play when choosing an architect,” can be found on pages 38-41.