Schemmer’s Scott Heaney, AIA, featured in Midlands Business Journal

Midlands Business Journal | July 10, 2015

"Experience, project types should be considered when selecting architect"


Heaney, Scott

Scott Heaney, AIA

Schemmer’s Scott Heaney, AIA, was quoted in Midlands Business Journal regarding the selection of architects for projects including factors such as knowledge, passion, culture, relationship and type of project.

“Pay close attention to a firm’s culture and determine if that culture will blend well with the project owner.” said Heaney. “Determine if that culture meshes well with the people they will be working with.”

Many architectural firms specialize in certain building types or markets, such as education, finance or medical, which should be taken into account when making a selection. In addition, some architects further specialize in design, building detailing, client relationships or the business side.

“Everyone has their own archetypes or personalities, which can help humanize the brand of architects and engineers,” said Heaney.

“Through this deeper, more human-like interaction, brands have the opportunity to build more meaningful relationships,” Heaney said. “It is the firm’s archetype that truly provides a client’s unique experience.”

Heaney also mentioned to avoid basing decisions on cost as the main point, and making an impression on portfolio photos alone. Instead, tour several past projects and get a feel for the building in person as well as talking to owners for “pros, cons and lessons learned.”

“All this information gathering should be openly available to you to help make an informed decision,” said Heaney.

To read the full Midlands Business Journal article, view pages 29-31.