Schemmer’s Survey Grade 3D Scanning

Schemmer’s Survey Grade 3D Scanning Saves Money, Boosts Efficiency While Maintaining Quality

One of the latest technologies to hit the surveying industry is 3D scanning. Schemmer surveyors are beginning to adopt this new technology as normal practice to better serve clients.

What is 3D Scanning?

3D Scanning is the ability to completely grasp the area surrounding the surveyor and turn it into information that Schemmer can use to better meet a client’s needs. The scanning process is simple, however, it gives the surveyor many choices based on what area is scanned and the quality.

Four Types of 3D Scanning

  • Full-dome scan - Scans the entire area around the scanner
  • Polygon scan - Lets the surveyor decide what they scan by forming their own shape in the area
  • Horizontal band scan - Scans a set area while performing a 360-degree rotation
  • Rectangle scan - Scans a specific rectangular area

From there, the surveyor can choose the quality (coarse, standard, fine, or superfine) by adjusting the point spacing. The spacing ranges from roughly four inches for coarse quality all the way down to one-half of an inch for superfine. However, a full-dome coarse scan only takes 12 minutes to complete while a full-dome superfine scan takes over 12 and a half hours.

How Schemmer Uses 3D Scanning

3D ScanningPrior to 3D scanning, if additional information of an area was needed or if something was missed, surveyors would have to go back out into the field to collect more data. Today, with the ability to take an effective scan and supplemental photos of an area, 3D scanning greatly improves the quality and accuracy. In fact, the new technology can reduce a job that takes five days to one or two days in certain situations. It’s never been easier to lower time in the field, cut costs for all parties, and achieve better quality.

Additionally, Schemmer uses surveying technology to better monitor areas such as, buildings that are moving or damage that's become worse over time. The scanner gives us more information than we could ever achieve in the field. This allows us to assist clients better than ever before.

Learn How Schemmer Can Save You Money and Boost Efficiency on Your Survey Needs

Schemmer has been providing our client’s survey services for six decades. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced surveyors will provide you with absolute accuracy and the responsive service you deserve to ensure your project is a success before you even break ground.

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