Schemmer’s UNK Nebraskan Student Union Renovation Project Featured in the ACUI Bulletin

Schemmer's University of Kearney (UNK) Nebraskan Student Union Renovation Project was featured in the 2020 Renovation and Construction Showcase on The Bulletin from the Association of College Unions - International (ACUI).

UNK Nebraskan Student Union

UNK Nebraskan Student Union Renovation Project

When UNK embarked on a renovation of their student union, the primary goals were to:

  • revitalize,
  • modernize
  • and synthesize

the spaces that occupied the various large additions and renovations that had occurred to the facility over the previous 55 years. A student union should serve as a hub of activity and this renovation was pivotal in bringing that notion front and center.

The project was constructed in two phases to enable the facility to remain open and in use over the course of construction. Schemmer's design and documentation detailed the work of each phase, which included phasing of mechanical systems.

Lounge and study spaces were strategically designed and located on the two levels along critical circulation paths woven throughout the design. Flexible and modifiable furniture groups were thoughtfully integrated, along with a holistic simplification of building signage and wayfinding through finish material selection and audio/video technology.

Schemmer provided:

  • architecture,
  • interior design,
  • structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services.

Sharon Pelc, the Student Union and Student Engagement Director was quoted, "For us to get the optimum use out of the facility it was important for us to carefully ask our students and customers what they wanted. Multiple student surveys and forums take extra time upfront and they may even slow down the start of a project, but they offer a big payoff in students getting used out of the facility. To get great student utilization, I’d say listen carefully.”

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UNK Nebraskan Student Union

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