Schemmer’s Waverly Road/Plum Creek Trail project update

Seward County Independent | November 9, 2016

City receives update on Waverly Road/Plum Creek Trail

Schemmer’s Doug Holle, P.E., was quoted on the Plum Creek Trail/Waverly Road project located in Seward, Nebraska.

Waverly Road is around 22-24 feet wide. The proposed road project will make it roughly 40 feet wide with three lanes, one being a common left turn lane,” said Holle.

The federal-aid trail will run on the south side of Waverly Road, according to City Administrator Bruce Smith, who also said traffic is expected to rise due to Seward Middle School and new homes off of Waverly Road.

“Engineering plans include shifting the road five feet to the north where it runs by the cemetery,” said Holle, due to a “tight fit” between Waverly Road and the Seward Cemetery on Highway 15. “The road will curve back south five feet to the east of the cemetery, where there will be more space for the trail,” said Holle.

“There will be 10 feet from the road to the trail and five feet from the trail to the property lines of the nearby homeowners,” Holle said. “Meaning the city does not need to purchase any additional right-of-way.”

“The plans indicate that Waverly Road will be consistent in width and pavement as it goes to Karol Kay Boulevard. Originally, these preliminary plans did not extend road construction to the city limit,” Holle said. The city wasn’t sure if the county was on board to continue Waverly Road construction past city limits, according to Public Facilities/Capital Improvements and GIS Director John Hughes. Now the county is on board.

“This area past Karol Kay will transition from the three-lane road to a more rural road to match what the county will do,” said Holle.

An amendment in the city council’s contract with Schemmer was passed to “include the area past Karol Kay Boulevard to the bridge crossing Plum Creek, less than half a mile.”

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