How has COVID-19 affected Senior Living environments?

How has COVID-19 affected Senior Living environments?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a difference in the way senior living facilities are being planned and designed. Design must include quality of care and flexibility to keep residents and caregivers safe from this and future potential threats while still providing solutions that contribute to the social and mental health of residents and staff. Some suggestions for design include:

  • Reconfigure layouts to take social distancing measures into accountRetirement Communities
  • Adapt common areas into spaces that are more amenable to infection control measures
  • Create smaller neighborhoods - residents can live, socialize and dine together in smaller groups.
  • Living spaces that seem well-suited for sheltering in place, with access to the outdoors, including small terraces or balconies
  • Use of antimicrobial or easily-cleaned materials and materials that are more germ-resistant
  • Air filtration and purificationSchemmer Senior Living
  • Designing for technology – virtual socialization (worship services, exercise, learning activities, etc.), tech support, motion controls, voice controls, telemedicine
  • Dedicated clean room for in-person visits
  • Private fitness rooms

Owners must also take into consideration the health and well-being of staff. This could include:

  • Safe delivery entrances that don’t jeopardize the health of delivery people or tenants
  • Pre-lobby testing zones
  • Touchless and voice-activated controls
  • Tech-forward health monitoring and robotics
  • Enhanced staff areas for safety such as lockers, showers and uniforms
  • Enhanced break rooms
  • Addition of outdoor space
  • Separate entrance and exit to avoid interaction with others

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Schemmer has been involved in senior living design projects in more than 20 states with construction costs ranging from $1 million up to $99 million. These partnerships include every level of care including:

  • continuing care retirement communities
  • assisted living/dementia care
  • nursing care
  • Veteran homes
  • physical therapy and wellness

Our extensive working knowledge of such trends ensures we will deliver a wealth of valuable information on senior living for your consideration of implementation.

In an industry that’s constantly changing, balancing regulations and the growing needs and demands of aging adults and their families, Schemmer is there. We plan and design functional, welcoming environments across multi-level campuses. Ultimately creating a home for any senior regardless of their current or future care needs.

Schemmer provides effective solutions based on:

  • our clients’ core values
  • needs of the people they serve
  • our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the assessment, planning and design of the project

We understand that every community has strategic services aimed to benefit residents' daily lives. Our personal approach helps us to truly understand the logistics of how your building design needs to respond to maximize the support you offer to your seniors.

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