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Sioux Falls Community Triage Center

Sioux Falls Community Triage Center Construction Schemmer

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Schemmer (formerly MSH Architects) was tasked by Minnehaha County, the City of Sioux Falls and the local hospital systems to design a Community Triage Center for individuals with a mental health or substance abuse crisis. Within the confines of the first floor of an existing building, Schemmer designed a low security, ligature resistant space for the Community Triage Center that will have a home-like non-institutional feel.

The new space includes:

  • Ten client bedrooms for short-term care and treatment, as well as a sobering center with space for up to eight clients
  • Swing room that functions as additional space for a client bedroom or female sobering area
  • Full observation of all client areas from a central nurse station
  • Crisis stabilization area with comfortable client chairs which allows full visibility and immediate access by staff for short-term assessment and treatments

Within the confines of a small space, the Community Triage Center will be able to provide a short-term intermediary bridge and assessment for individuals that do not require an emergency room or detention until other appropriate behavioral health providers can be identified for their needs.

Learn more about The Link and its mission in the community. 

Design of the Community Triage Center

The Community Triage Center was designed to support the restorative process. Safety, privacy and HIPPA concerns were top of mind for our design team. Especially now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reminded that the arrival, evaluation and isolation (if necessary) process should be short and limited to as few people/spaces as possible.

Designing space for a diverse population suffering from a range of problems presented a challenge that Schemmer was prepared for. The design process required diligence to avoid environments that could exacerbate the effects of trauma and instead create environments that help individuals feel respected and empowered.

Sioux Falls Community Triage Center Project Profile SchemmerProject Specific Solutions

Evidence-based design informed the Schemmer team that the design solution needed to reinforce occupant connectivity to the natural environment. During the design process, Schemmer worked with the Community Triage Center's design team to introduce subjects such as:

  • security
  • infection control
  • the possibility of nursing/clinical staff integration
  • ligature related issues
  • hardware
  • electronic access control
  • sound control
  • durability and impact resistance
  • covering the exterior windows with plexiglass
  • safety glass
  • interior or exterior switchable privacy glass
  • energy savings
  • accessibility

Creating enriching spaces that reduce aggressive behavior were key. These spaces can restore a sense of normalcy during a vulnerable time and destigmatize what could otherwise be an institutional experience.


The Link Sioux Falls Community Triage

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