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Sophia Swanson worked with Schemmer as an architectural intern from 2022-2023 in our Lincoln, NE office. She graduated in May 2022 and joined our team right away. Sophia then studied abroad in London for a semester before returning to Schemmer this year.

Sophia Swanson - Schemmer

Sophia's interest in architecture began at a young age. She remembers a birthday party that was "Extreme Home Makeover" themed.

"I just love seeing old things being made new. I love looking at the world in an artistic light, but through a logical way of thinking and architecture is kind of a good mix of all of that," said Sophia.

Sophia describes her internship with Schemmer as one of the best parts of her education so far.

"There are things you can learn in a real office that you just can't learn in school. It has exposed me to the real world of architectural processes and how things actually work when you graduate."

She says her experience at Schemmer is unique compared to others.

"At Schemmer, we're hearing feedback from structural engineers, and mechanical engineers while we're working on our designs, and Schemmer has been great about allowing me to learn those things on the job instead of coming into them knowing everything.  "

During her time at Schemmer, Sophia worked on several different types of projects

"I've worked on multiple housing apartment projects, I've worked on university buildings, and I'm currently working on a high school. These projects gave me the opportunity to use creativity and create multiple design options. They really handed me the projects and gave me a lot of freedom."

Sophia says she would recommend Schemmer to everyone looking for an internship.

"I love being here. I love working here. Schemmer treats me like part of the team and I not only actually get to work on real projects but I also get to have a say in the actual design. One of the best things about Schemmer is the people. I don't think there's actually a firm anywhere, especially the Midwest, like Schemmer."

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