SE 2050 Initiative

Schemmer has committed to the SE 2050 Initiative, a program to reduce embodied carbon in the practice of structural engineering. Embodied carbon is the sum of greenhouse gas emissions released during raw material extraction, transportation, manufacturing, construction, maintenance and renovation, and end-of-life for a product or system. Measures include reducing embodied carbon throughout the design and construction process, maintaining cost and construction schedule limits, specifying low-carbon materials on projects without additional cost, and tracking embodied carbon in designs. Read more about Schemmer's commitment here.

Sustainable Design

We believe it’s our responsibility, and our duty to serve clients with sustainability in mind. Whether it’s energy savings through advanced heating and air conditioning systems or low-impact landscaping, we design solutions that provide maximum return on investment for our clients and the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Schemmer’s philosophy is to approach the design of every project with sustainability at the forefront. Our team has the ability to employ energy analysis modeling in REVIT during the conceptual design phase of a project. The Conceptual Energy Analysis tools allow comparison of the performance of early alternative design strategies. This allows for quick feedback on the expected energy use of the proposed designs and compares the effectiveness of building form, orientation, and envelope design options.

We’re driven by knowledge and are committed to studying and implementing improved technology, best practices, and proven solutions that provide the greatest benefit to the industries we serve. One example of our commitment is the 17 LEED-certified professionals who are part of the Schemmer team. At the leading edge of sustainable architectural and engineering design, these experts have helped design several LEED-certified projects.

Some of Schemmer's LEED-Certified Projects include:

  • OPPD LEED Sustainability

    The OPPD Service Center earned LEED Platinum status.

    Omaha Public Power District Service Center | Omaha, NE LEED Platinum - Certified

  • Iowa Veterans Home Fox Pavilion | Marshalltown, IA LEED Gold - Certified
  • Dolly Reed Office Plaza | Pierre, SD LEED Gold - Certified
  • IANG Security Police Facility | Sioux City, IA LEED Silver - Certified
  • National Park Service Visitors Center | Nebraska City, NE LEED Silver - Certified
  • Davis Monthan AFB POL Operations Facility | Tucson, AZ LEED Silver - Certified
  • Iowa Veterans Home Ulery Nursing Home | Marshalltown, IA LEED Silver - Certified
  • Repair Squadron Operations Building 2945, Nebraska Air National Guard | Lincoln, NE LEED Silver - Certified

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