SYP (Schemmer Young Professionals) Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

The development of the internal Schemmer SYP group (Schemmer Young Professionals) has been officially in the works since January, when a small group of Schemmer employees presented the idea to Frank Comisar, AIA, President and CEO. After this initial meeting, the group’s goals, mission and year one schedule were refined and finalized. SYP was then presented to the Schemmer Board and received the stamp of approval in March. The SYP group encourages Schemmer employees to take an active role and investment in the company by creating an environment for professional growth, while fostering leadership development; building a community of peers; mentoring; networking and involvement. The SYP’s ultimate goal is to support the Strategic Business Plan for Growth, Leadership, Management, Marketing and Business Development by empowering the Young Professionals of Schemmer to become active participants in these plans.

As one of SYP's first community involvement efforts, 13 individuals from the group volunteered their efforts for Habitat for Humanity of Omaha on August 18. The SYP group worked on the CSG House: 2212 John Creighton Boulevard. Their tasks included: getting the site setup for the day (i.e. moving lots of piles of stuff), putting together scaffolding, nailing (with a hammer – no fancy tools) plywood sheathing and foam insulation to the second story of the split level home. They also worked on reconfiguring some interior wood framing. SYP members that attended included Scott Heaney, AIA; Molly Macklin; Nichole Schultes, LEED AP; Matt Sutton, P.E., LEED AP; Derik Knock, LEEP AP; Jason Heinze, P.E., S.E., LEED AP; Lance Worth, E.I.; Shane Swope, E.I.; Kelly Hiskey; Nick Wolff, P.E., LEED AP; and Carla Plum.