Schemmer’s Tom Svoboda Speaks at University of Omaha’s Meet the Buyers Conference

Tom Svoboda Speaks at University of Omaha’s Meet the Buyers Conference

Tom Svoboda Speaking at Meet the Buyers Conference

Meet The Buyers Conference

Schemmer's Tom Svoboda, PE, CEM, recently spoke at the University of Nebraska Omaha's Meet the Buyers Conference, an event focused on government contracting.

Svoboda spoke on a virtual panel during a session titled "How to Break Into Government Contracting as a Small Business."

As the Government Market Sector Leader at a small business, Tom Svoboda shared some of his insights:

"Know what you do, know what you do well, and focus on trying to get those niche types of things into the federal government. Maybe more important is working with larger businesses or others to be able to use that small niche that you do really well, and then use that as experience."

"Focus on that one agency or area you're trying to get in. Do some work and grow from that. We do work in North Dakota and South Dakota, and I think it's easier to get into some of those government agencies because firms are just fewer and farther between in that area. You try to get into San Antonio, Texas, or Washington D.C., or the places there where there are hundreds of firms trying to do the work in that area. It's a lot more competitive."

Tom Svoboda, PE, CEM 

Tom Svoboda is Schemmer's Government Sector Leader. He has over 30 years of proven success in engineering design and project management. His experience includes all project life-cycle phases including:

  • Master planning/analysis
  • Energy audits
  • Design/engineering
  • Construction
  • Operations

Tom's overall experience includes a successful 20-year career as an Air Force Engineering Officer and 10+ years as an engineering consultant for projects in many sectors including military, governmental, aviation, education, healthcare, and central utility plants.

Tom Svoboda SchemmerTom Svoboda, PE, CEM

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