Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Data Collection ServicesCommunities recognize that traffic safety and efficiency have become vital concerns for their residents and businesses. This is where traffic data collection comes in. At Schemmer, we know how important it is to fully understand the client’s needs, whether they represent a public agency or a private enterprise.

Increased traffic volumes and longer drive times often accompany new developments and community growth. We can help you avoid these downsides to progress using traffic data collection. Our team can identify traffic issues early on and create design solutions that promote safety and efficiency. Schemmer’s transportation professionals provide our clients with the experience and expertise necessary to fulfill their goals.

Traffic Data Collection Capabilities

Over the course of a year, Schemmer provides traffic data collection at more than 160 locations for our clients. This data is captured utilizing Miovision cameras in the intersection or area. The Miovision cameras allow Schemmer’s team to gather data, which in turn helps our clients address inefficient transportation flow and allows them to improve the transportation experience for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Examples of traffic data collection services our team can assist with are as follows:

  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Counts
  • Peak Hour Intersection Turning Movement
  • Speed Studies
  • Saturation Flow Rate Studies
  • Queue Length Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Corridor-specific Travel Time Studies
  • Intersection Stopped Time Delay Studies
  • Origin-Destination (OD) Studies
  • Sight Distance Studies Warrant Studies for traffic control devices (signing, pavement marking, traffic signals)
  • Trip Generation Studies

Traffic Data Collection Services

After the data is collected on-site the equipment is returned to the office and the videos are downloaded and reviewed for any interruptions to the typical traffic flow or issues with visibility.

The video is then uploaded to Miovision software for traffic data analysis. The road traffic data collected can be analyzed in numerous ways to produce a customized report by study type, specific time of day, vehicle type, and much more, depending on the client’s needs

Providing Responsible and Cost-Effective Traffic Data Collection Solutions

Schemmer has been providing traffic data collection services for more than two decades and has been utilizing the Miovision cameras for over five years. Gone are the days of traffic data collection methods where a person on the roadside had to manually count the number of vehicles passing by clicking a button. Using cameras to collect traffic data saves staff time, is more efficient and accurate, which in turn offers savings to our clients and allows them to use the data to help make decisions to improve the driver, cyclist and pedestrian experience within our towns and cities.

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