You know those home improvement shows where they buy a run-down house for a low price with the intent to fix it up? Then, during demolition they discover problem after problem when they start ripping up carpet and knocking down walls. Although it wouldn't be as entertaining, I'm sure homeowners would love to have the ability to utilize a process that could find these issues beforehand. Too bad they didn’t have Schemmer's FACILITATE program.

What is FACILITATE? In order for Schemmer to efficiently and effectively conduct a complete facility assessment, we have developed a proprietary facility assessment software program called FACILITATE, which is unique to our firm. This program enables our team to input data on-site and in real time, quickly compiling the information for analysis and reporting.

What is Facilitate Schemmer

Evaluating Your Building's Conditions with FACILITATE

Schemmer's program FACILITATE provides our client’s with a:

  • overview of their building(s)
  • road map for the future to achieve an ideal outcome

FACILITATE, prepares an easy-to-use report that provides detailed information on a building(s):

  • condition
  • deficiencies
  • life safety code violations
  • recommends corrections

It also provides cost estimates and assigns priorities for improvements or deferred maintenance. This in-depth report allows our clients to evaluate the possibilities of renovation, demolition, disposal or purchase of their building(s).

What is FACILITATE Schemmer

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Schemmer’s architecture, mechanical, electrical and civil departments are using FACILITATE in the field. They have been involved with more than 40 space utilization assessments and concept development projects in 18 states, at more than 145 locations.

Our professionals input data using a tablet or phone on-site and in real time. Our staff also have the ability to produce historical building and field reports.

The days of juggling building information between multiple programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and Access are over.

Overall our team of professionals and the FACILITATE program can help you:

  • Determine your building’s deficiencies
  • Benchmark a facility against current codes and standards
  • Determine priorities for short- and long-term facility issues
  • Establish capital budgets for facility improvements
  • Develop a deferred maintenance program
  • Provide fact basis for facility master planning
  • Position your facility for competitiveness in the marketplace
  • Provide necessary information for operational, financial and marketing planning

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