Jason Heinze, PE, SE, LEED AP, Commercial/Industrial Group Leader

With dreams of becoming a brain surgeon (it would make the most money, you know?), Jason Heinze, PE, SE, LEED AP, started working in third grade with a newspaper route.

From there he went on to mow lawns and work at Taco Johns while his ideal job changed from brain surgeon to stockbroker. Going in a completely different direction, he eventually obtained a civil engineering degree, although he's not sure how it happened, "probably just a random pick when I filled out my college application," said Heinze. Fast forward to now and Jason Heinze has become Schemmer's Commercial/Industrial Group Leader and is a Principal of the firm.

Jason Heinze Commercial/Industrial Group Leader

It may not have been his first pick, but after 20 years of experience, he brings exceptional leadership, a diverse and unique perspective and never gives less than 100%.

Jason Heinze Commercial/Industrial Group Leader

Client Satisfaction

When asked what he enjoys most about his career, Jason answered, "working with clients to solve their problems." He believes Schemmer stands out above the rest because of our ability to relate to clients and, in turn, the contractors that will be building the project. "We strive to be a team player that helps a project move from a concept to a new facility." To ensure clients attain their goals, it's important to learn what they do, how they operate and what they're trying to achieve.

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